Augmented-Reality (AR) Applications Solution

Custom Augmented Reality (AR) Apps Simplified

Augmented Reality has big share in Web 3.0 due to its ability to let user efficiently use their vision for interacting with data sets. Immersive media is not a solution its a way to deliver solution. The possibilities to develop AR based application are end less. Apple & Google are giving their own libraries for developers to unleash power of AR using Software Development Kits like ARkit, ARcore, Wikitude and many more.

Various type of augmentation techniques are used while developing augmented apps. Four major type of augmented solution are;

  • Marker-Based Augmentation.
  • Marker-less Augmented Reality.
  • Projection Augmented Reality.
  • Superimposition Based Augmentation.

Based on the target business solution you can choose either of the technique to project augmented data on real data. The power of playing with reality has been highly disruptive in recent times.

Incorporating Augmented Reality solutions in your business can not only give you edge over other in delivering great user experience but also showcase your business to be more adaptive.

We have highlighted how Augmented Reality can help you explode your application offerings. There are many ways of integration Augmented Reality in your business application. You just need to do a little home work before you start application Augmented data on your real data.

Augmented Reality for Real-estate made easy

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Unleash the power of Augmented Reality (AR) when it comes to impressing your customer with interactive media. You can now project your property on customer smartphone in reality.

Augmented Reality for Automobile in a simple package

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Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to show details about your car, explore how AR can help you quantify Automobile brand identity. Augmented Dashboard Solutions help automobile companies.

Augmented Reality apps for Interactive Education

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What best could it be if kids are engaged  in playful learning activity, see how Augmented Reality (AR) can help. In reality kids learn more using interactive media than via static media.

Integrate Augmented Reality in your Application

Identify Sections

Augmented Reality cannot be just applied to any or all section of your application. You need to wisely choose what is the most appealing section of your mobile application and how can you make it more interactive

Users like to play with data based on their imagination and if you are able to give them wings they will stay and play with that data.

Generate Exciting Content

Think about the data you are going to augment, will it generate excitement in users. Mobile application has many moving parts think on how can you use them to make the augmented data more informative.

Using Augmented data you can play with real information in many ways. You can use Augmented data just to show information or if you have a more strong influential data you can use it to prove your point.

Define Trigger Points

Consider most relevant data points that should invoke the augmentation. How you decide to initiate the augmented data has a lot decide if the data you projected will make impact on the end user of will just be a tech innovation in your app.

Based on your target audience and their interpretation level you should choose what will best demonstrate your idea. At times just triggering a video can also be great.

Ways of Using Augmented Reality in your Business

Integrate location based Augmented reality. Most used in travel and tourism. Bats-Hub pioneers this.

Projection Based Augmented Reality

You can use Augmented Reality in Applications to show information of near by places. This will definitely disrupt the way your application user will experience the app. You can use such techniques in any app that use location based data.

Marker based AR can help you show dummy information on mobile allowing user to explode imagination.

Marker based AR

You can use Marker based Augmented Reality in industries like Real-estate to show 3D building models. You can also use it in Education sector to allow users to learn in a playful manner. Marker based Augmented Reality just need you to create a basic marker that can be a logo or some tag just like QR tag and some media that has to shown.


Superimposition based AR

Just like Marker based and Projection based  Augmented Reality, Superimposition based Augmented Reality also augments the media on primary data feed. The possibility of what can be done using superimposition based Augmented Reality is limitless. Usually can be used in showcasing Analytics, developing games.

Why Augmented Reality

Be Exclusive

Augmented Reality help you showcase your innovative side

Hold Users Interest

You can keep you application users grounded to app and also visit again

Great Promotion

Augmented application are nice way to promote your business. Helps in marketing

Unleash power of AR