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Project Business Process Modeling

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Business Process Modeling means assembling an array of thoughts that can be framed into a meaningful workflow. For any industry that is consumer driven just like IT, needs a regulated methodology to deliver a solution that widely touch-base all the aspect of system architecture, interaction and usability. We understand the importance of objective analysis in deriving a solution and hence take this phase of SDLC (Software Development Life-cycle) very crucial. We use different wire-framing and scoping tools to capture your idea and give it a shape.


Analyst at Bats-Hub are well versed with professional tools and techniques to take a system from idea phase to a meaningful project blueprint that is interactive and functional. Our approach to BPM helps us deliver you the best outcome that is as per industry standards and informative to help the decision making criteria more effective and efficient.

We have functionally scoped and delivered solutions in domains like; HealthCare, Automobile, Retail, Service Booking, Marketplaces, Smart Utilities solutions, Sports, Entertainment & Media, Service Bookings, Real-estate, Construction, Health & Fitness, Education.

 We phase out our approach when it comes to BPM by distributing the system into following sectors;

Project Idea Phase: Really focus on gathering your thought and making sure we know what you want as an end goal in the Project.

Project Scoping: A more interactive aspect of BPM that focus on scoping your design, functional & performance needs.

Simulation and Modeling are important to test your crucial project idea. It helps you analyse your system efficiency ahead of development.

For us to do this more effectively and interactively we rely on many modes of communication, presentation and execution like in-person meeting, request articulation, interviewing entities, process testing, review and analysis using tools that are meant to address the needs.

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Solution Focus

  • Project Presentation

  • Project Scoping

  • SRS : Software Requirement Specification

  • ER Diagrams

  • DFD : Data Flow Diagrams

  • Use Case Diagrams

  • Wire-frame Developments

  • Conceptual Videos

  • Feature Listing

  • Simulation Modeling

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