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Social Chat Application Solution

Social Chat Application solution, Custom Chat Application, Mobile chat application solutions

Explore how you can provide an interactive interface using chat app solution to make a more connected platform.

Live Support Application Solution

Live Support Chat Application, Live Chat Integration, Chat Application API Developer

Make your business pioneer customer satisfaction & connectivity by introducing real time chat support. Hire Mobile Developer.

Chat-bots Developer

chat-bots solutions, chat-bots integration developer, mobile chat-bots application developer

Artificial Intelligence is becoming must in recent technology era. Developer who are able to work with AI are crucial, Hire AI Developer.

Develop Amazing Chat Applications

Chat Application Architecture Solution

With over decade of experience working on various chat solutions Bats-Hub team can help you architect custom chat applications. Technologies like ejabberd, WebRTC and socket based programming are helping us develop custom chat application. We are well versed with multi platform chat application development and chat server set up.

There are multiple possible ways to develop chat application. You can either opt to develop a connected chat application or a disconnected chat app. Based on where you are planning to use the chat application you should opt for appropriate chat architecture.

Custom Chat Applications Basic Function

Regardless of where the chat application is applied, it comprise of few basic functions. Custom one to one Chat is the most common form of chat application, which is then enhanced with functionality like multi party chat, group chat or promotional chat APIs.

Ideally any chat application allows option to exchange data in form of text or media like photo, video, document or audio. However, some high end chat application solutions also allows audio and video calling.

Few other aspects to chat applications are its ability to allow users of the application to manage its features, by moderating application users, chat and media moderation.

Some advanced level of solution optimizations like data compression, memory management and device local media encryption are getting popular to develop a great chat application.

Few other features like mapping existing contacts in phone, promotional chats messages and chat analytics are allowing user and app owners to manage and maintain the solutions better than before.

Major Advantage of Chat Applications

Depending on how you utilize the real-time messaging functionality the advantage of having a real-time messaging applications is countless. Companies have implemented real-time messaging to disrupt the Internet-of-things sector by allowing user to operate device via chat.

Solutions sectors like Fin-tech, Automobile, Service Booking, Classified and many others have started using real-time custom messaging applications to server their customer better. They now have custom bots for specific task that helps hand holding users by acting as first line of respondents.

Entrepreneur are using chat in developing connected solutions for Block-chain. A complete decentralized solution architecture.

There are many such business cases were chat application have proven crucial.

We would like you to try our solution expertise to develop your next chat application idea.

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