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Movie Ticket Booking Application

Develop Custom Movie Ticket Booking Application

As per the data published in [Rep Id : TMRGL612 Category : IT & Telecom]

"The online movie ticketing market is experiencing continuous growth due to changing need for entertainment, penetration of internet, more awareness about online services, intensive advertising and many more.

Supporting factors which drive the market growth are: increasing digitization, rising disposable income of consumers, internet services, frequent movie releases, and many more. This industry is facing some uncertain events that may occur at times and could be a barrier for the growth of online movie ticketing services. They could be: Cyber crime, fraudulent sites and lack of trust in online transactions. Trust can be built by refunding money if the transaction is not completed.

Some of the market players in this industry are BIG Cinemas,, AOL MovieFone INC, Kyazoonga, and VOX Cinemas. In coming years, online movie ticketing services are expected to command a huge market share within the movie ticketing services market"

Looking at this global trend if you have a network that you would like to grow Bats-Hub is open for any type of technology collaboration to define, design and develop custom ticketing solution that is platform agnostic and help us aggregate existing market players

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Salient Features of Movie Application

User Application

  • Registration & LogIn
  • Location selection
  • Show listing
  • Show details
  • Booking Module
  • Rating Module
  • Notification
  • Wallet
  • Age Verification
  • Ticket Category
  • Loyalty points
  • Print & Download Tickets

Admin Interface

  • LogIn
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Shows
  • Manage Venues
  • Manage Earnings
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Content
  • Push Notification
  • Scan Ticket

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