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Taxi Booking Application

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There can be multiple version of a taxi booking application like Uber clone, OlaCabs, MeruCabs that can work on various business models like On demand taxi booking,  Aggregators models, performance based models and many more flavor. 

Depending on your business Bats-Hub can help you develop a complete mobile application platform for Drivers and Customer to use and interact with. If you have an existing business in place that needs digitization or you plan to start anything from scratch our business analysis team can help you frame right solution to your needs

We have for your reference listed basic features pertaining to cab booking like Uber for your reference, get in touch with us today to talk and frame your exact needs.

Taxi Booking Application

Customer Taxi Application

Booking apps for customer are of high importance. Customer can opt if they will use the booking app to make the booking using your application of just walk away. This all is depending on how your booking app is designed.

Customer Booking application comprise of modules like

  • Signup & Log In module
  • Map for tracking booked taxi
  • Ride Now section for customer to make a booking
  • Ride Later module for user to make booking for later ride
  • Application promotion is important to attract more users
  • Few other taxi booking applications section consist of Fare Calculation Module, Payment gateway integration, Reviews and Rating and Live Ride Tracking.
  • Apart from above it is goo to have analytics for past bookings and a support section for customer to make their booking a success. 

Driver Taxi Application

Just like customer, driver application is equally important to make the taxi booking application a success. If driver experience an ease of usage during application use then they will stick to application in hope that the shall get booking soon

Driver taxi application also has sections like

  • Signup and Login for driver to on board the application
  • Ability for driver to go Online or Offline base on their wish to take ride booking or leave it
  • Taxi Drivers can also Manage their Rides from this section, just like if they have preference to only be notified if they get ride for a particular location
  • Driver use the Driver application as a medium for them to earn and hence it is good idea to have earning analytics for them to keep track of their earning from mobile application
  • At time it happens that a taxi operator has multiple driver driving same taxi and so it is needed that they are allowed to create and load multiple taxi profile
  • Apart from this driver taxi application should have option to retrieve Past Customer Bookings and Dispute Management mechanism.

Admin Management

Just like any system needs analytics, taxi booking operations can only be successful if you provide deep insights about driver and customer application to administrator.

There are multiple ways of develop admin solution for taxi booking application. Based on your business need you can choose to either have extensive back-end that can help you manage your daily business operations on the go with some Artificial intelligence involved during driver selection and booking preference or just develop a basic admin section that takes care of sign up and registration process.

Back end solution for booking includes sections like

  • Rate Matrix Management for system admin to maintain charges based on multiple factors like waiting time, speed, location, route, tolls etc.
  • Manage Cab Type option for admin to provide versatile vehicle option based on number of passenger, service type, luxury and customer vehicle preference
  • Manage Drivers module for admin to keep track of drivers, their rides, ratings, customer handling and much more 
  • Option to Manage Customer their profiles, ride, disputes and wallet
  • Also additional support modules like Ride Booking Management
  • Static information management to Update Terms & Condition, Privacy Policy, static information and  promotions.

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